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Due to the many questions that are being made about TrafficMonsoon and payment processor PayPal today I decided to post a video of one of our members on the report in the Facebook comments Web officer this day January 12.

Once you are given the news and after discussions among some users on the same wall of Facebook, two days after return has TrafficMonsoon make a statement in the form of video that shows the balance on each and every one of the processors.

And today finally shows screen prints on these processors and communicates that is going to proceed to spend the entire balance to the bank to subsequently submit it to Payza.

This is the news I will not have come to appreciate from all that this speculating, I just say that although now is not the best time to invest in advertising packages if it’s time to see the ads as they do not lose anything and if it goes well we will have taken advantage of our time and seen ads for users who have not wanted to see … But as I always say the final decision you have to take.

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