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TrafficMonsoon has decided to change their payment ways

We really don't understand either take it as good way or bad way. Because there is both bad and good point about it. The good point is that now TrafficMonsoon had opened their own bank from where they are going to issue TrafficMonsoon debit/credit card from which members from all over the world can withdraw money from any ATM. But the bad point is now they are no longer using Paypal.

Before we thought may be their Paypal account got frozen. But that is not the case because we can still invest into their Paypal account. If their Paypal is frozen, we should not be able to send payment in their Paypal account. So, it is clear that their Paypal account is not frozen. But, now they have stop members to withdraw further from Paypal account and has request everyone to open account within Payza or Solid Trust Pay if they want immediate withdraw, otherwise wait till they issue TM debit/credit card to their members. Anyway, those who don't have Payza account yet, they can open Payza account by clicking this link :- 


For more details, we suggest everyone to view these four videos:- 


Actually one way if we think not having Paypal is good deal as well because it will totally eliminate the risk of getting Paypal account limited and these days it seems Paypal don't want to work with any PTC or revenue sharing sites as they are limiting accounts of many PTC sites even the old ones. So, if TM really can make their own bank, then it is a great thing. Anyway, those who don't have Payza account yet, they can open Payza account by clicking this  link :-  and can request withdraw into their Payza account as same as they do in their Paypal account. However, they have to wait for at least 5 business days in order to get payment in Payza till the date everything about bank is step up because they are transferring funds from Paypal to Payza which is making withdrawals on ques. You can add Payza account in TM within withdraw section. However, due to the script error, some members just able to cashout without investment after adding Payza, while others members have to invest at least minimum amount around $1 in order to activate Payza once they add it. So, if you don't able to cashout after you add Payza, then either you can send support ticket to TrafficMonsoon and wait for 7 business days to get reply from them and fix your issue or you can invest at least $1 as mentioned below. 

In Traffic Monsoon, in order change your payment processor, you need to invest at least $1 plus fees around $0.5 first of all from your Payza or STP account in Traffic Monsoon. Once you invest from your new payment processor account, it will automatically replace your old payment processor account.
So, in these cases when you need to purchase something and if you don't want invest too much, you can purchase "cash links" just at $1 plus fees $0.5 by following steps as below:-
1. Click "buy cash links" on the left hand side menu of Traffic Monsoon under "Cash Links" tab. (If you can invest more than $1, then you can also choose Buy Credits, Banner Click or Text Ads Clicks)
2. If you have already setup ad then its OK otherwise click "Setup new Ad" in order to set up ad and complete the setting up ad. Then again click "Buy Cash Links" as mention above in No.1. Now you can find your ad which you have just set up where you can click on "Purchase Clicks" blue button which will redirect you to another Page
3. There select Ad types (you have four categories 5 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec and 60 sec ads)
4. In Number of $ Packs Put 1 (if you want to buy more than $1, then put your desired amount)
5. In Payment Processor select your desire payment processor account (Payza, Paypal, Solid Trust Pay) and Click Preview, this will show total payable amount with fees, then click "Pay Now". This will redirect to Payment processor page where you have to login to your desire Payment Processor account and make the payment from that Processor account. 

Conclusion about Traffic Monsoon:-  All in all, we conclude that you can work as free member in Traffic Monsoon because at least you can earn $0.1 per day as free member just by working 10 minutes each day and even can earn much more if you can refer more people. 

Click the Link below to join the Traffic Monsoon:-