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TrafficHurricane – More traffic, more leads, more sales, more cashback! More Earn

Please, meet TrafficHurricane! This is an advertising company that has been created by the most influential administrators and leaders of TrafficMonsoon. Therefore, it inherited the most effective features of that program, and has even come up with a few new ones! The primary goal of TrafficHurricane is to provide its customers with the highest-quality traffic, and deliver it in the most timely manner! This program has a lot of services (both free of charge and paid-for) that will be of a great help to any online businessman willing to extend the limits of his advertising reach, ensure the growth of his company, and ultimately, increase his profits! 

  • Advantages: Very high and stable potential earnings over long term. Registered and legal cashback business with experienced staff. One of the best advertising services and high Alexa rank.
  • Disadvantages: Low package ROI. Design and promotional banners may be improved.
  • Minimum deposit: 25 USD
  • Minimum withdrawal: 2 USD
  • Payment processors: Bank wire, Payza, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin

Now, let’s dive into even more details of TrafficHurricane! As you already know, 

platform provides its members with both free and paid ways of growing the social presence of their business and their income. First of all, take a look at these FREE tools offered at TrafficHurricane that you could use:

  • Traffic Exchange Credits – Promote your business offers to the TH members for free in the Traffic Exchange section of the website! All you need to do to earn your TE Credits is to surf other members’ TE Ads! You’ll be getting 1 TE Credit for every 4 surfed websites if you’re a free member, and twice more TE Credits for the same number of surfed ads if you’re a paid member!
  • Traffic Rotator – Have you ever wondered how you could manage the promotion of ALL of your businesses using a single link? Traffic Rotator from TH lets you do just that! What’s even better, you are allowed to have an unlimited number of rotators in this program!


This is a must-have tool for any online marketer! Sign up at TrafficHurricane to gain the free access to it right now! Now, if you already are an experienced online advertiser, then, one of the following PAID advertising services offered at TrafficHurricane will certainly be of your liking:

  • Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns
  • PPC Advertising in the “CommunityAds+” Android app (one of the killing features of this program!)
  • Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns
  • Traffic Exchange Start Pages
  • Traffic Exchange Credits (starting from just $5.95 for 1,000 visitors!)
  • Flood Warning Traffic (the traffic from the top PTC and TE websites starting from just $5.00 for 2,500 visitors!)
  • Hurricane Ca$h Credits (very similar to PTC Ads: people will visit your website for 5-60 seconds for $0.001 – $0.04 respectively!)
  • Login Ads
  • Start Page Advertising


It’s about time for us to discuss one of the most exciting aspects of TrafficHurricane: its earning opportunities! This program helps its active members benefit financially from working with it in 4 different ways:

  • Surfing Hurricane Ca$h ads – and getting paid from $0.001 to $0.04 for every click you make!
  • Buying its Advertising Services to promote your main business – and, thus, generating paying leads, customers and referrals!
  • Buying AdPacks (Advertising with Sharing positions) – and participating in sharing the revenues of the website for up to 110% of your advertising purchase!
  • Telling other people about TrafficHurricane – and being rewarded for this with a 10% Referral Commission on any Advertising purchase they make! Other than that, you are getting paid a whole lot of 100% on ALL of your referrals Hurricane Ca$h clicks!

Now, let us tell you a bit more about buying and earning from holding the TrafficHurricane AdPacks!
First of all, there are 2 types of AdPacks with Sharing positions offered in this program. You can buy an AdPack for either your PPC Banner Ad Campaign, or your Ad Campaign targeted at the mobile users of the CommunityAds+ app. The AdPacks of the first type (PPC Banners) cost $50 each, and come with 20 PPC Ad Credits for your Banners, as well as 1,000 Traffic Exchange Credits for one of your TE Ad Campaigns!

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program


This type of AdPacks will be earning you revenues for up to $55 (110%), and you’ll need to surf at least 50 ads in the Traffic Exchange section of the program, every 24 hours. The second type of AdPacks (Community Ads+ Ad Campaigns) costs $25, and comes with 1,000 Traffic Exchange Credits. Each of these AdPacks will be bringing you profits for up to $27.50 (110%). Keeping these AdPacks in the active state will require you to surf at least 25 Traffic Exchange ads every 24 hours.


All in all, TrafficHurricane is an amazing combination of PTC, Traffic Exchange and RevShare websites! Aside from the various earning opportunities it offers, the program is led by an experienced group of people, and has already earned the trust of the online money-making community! We sincerely invite you to join us in TrafficHurricane right now – and start building a better financial future for yourself and everyone around you!

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