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Top 5 Traffic Revenue Sharing Sites

I have discovered that Traffic Revenue Sharing sites (also known as profit shares or rev-share programs or revshares for short) are an easy, fast method to make money online. But if you join the wrong programs you will lose money. As a result I did the post to show you the right programs to join for maximum success.

At first glance it the business model of rev-shares may seem too good to be true; for example some rev-share sites pay as much as 220% returns on every dollar you spend. Usually when something seems too good to be true it usually is. But that is not the case if you join the right rev-share, you really can make money and lots of it with the right rev share program and with a minimum effort. 

How Do Rev-Shares Work?

First of all rev-share sites are NOT investment opportunities. They are mainly traffic exchanges where you buy spots in the traffic exchange to promote your website or affiliate program; the spot you purchase is called an "adpack" or "adshare". The cost of that adshare can range anywhere from $1 to $50 depending on the rev-share site. Once you purchase that adshare, a site of your choice will be advertised anywhere from 5 times to 100 times in the traffic exchange depending on the rev-share program. Every time you or any member buys an adpack, the company puts a percentage of it in the profit pool. So if the company is in profit they will share all the profits from the revenue obtained with each member who has active adsharing positions. Hence the name "profit share" – they simply SHARE the company PROFIT with their active members.

As a result you will win on both ends, you will get traffic to your offer, plus you get paid for buying advertisement from the rev-share program. The quality of the traffic received is incentivized traffic, so it is not of the best quality. But if you use the right banner and promote the right offer, with the right landing page you can get some opt-ins or even sales. The best product to promote in rev-shares is other rev-share programs. People who are in one rev-share will likely be interested in joining other rev-shares, so join no more than 5 rev-shares and do cross promotion. Do not use generic banners, instead create unique banners using free software like AdKreator or you can have banners created for less than $5 on When you cross promote, you should avoid using generic affiliate pages provided by the rev-share company instead you can easily create unique pages using  GetResponse.

What Are The Best Top 5 Rev-Share Programs For 2016?

Rev-share programs have become very popular and new ones are constantly popping up. But many of them are unstable and useless, some are outright scams designed to take your money and run. In the list below I reveal my best Top 5 Traffic Revenue Sharing sites for 2016. My list is based on my personal experience with some of them, on payment proofs from other people and from reviews, testimonials & feedback by members like you.


#1 Fort Ad Pays Rev-Share – (Highest Payout / Return)

*   You only have to view 4 ads per day. You can buy vacation time for around $1 per day.
*   You can cash out a minimum & maximum of $10 & $800 every day up to 4 times per day (Monday to Friday). Most other rev-shares allow you to withdraw a maximum of $300 per day,
*   Has over 100,000 members so it is trusted and well established with lots of fresh eyeballs on your ads.
*   It was founded from September 2014 and has reliable Admin owner Mr. Pedro Fort, a Spanish businessman who owns several companies. It has a physical company address located in Florida, U.S.A.
*   It has 50/50 Cash/Repurchase balance, which adds to sustainability of the program.
*   100% referral commission goes to your cash balance.
*   Even though the site is in Spanish, it has translation links and it uses the same script as MPA so it's easy to use the site. (To translate to English you must click on the Spanish flag)
*   All shares are only $1 with a return of $2.20 (That's 220%. Most other rev-shares only give up to 150%). You get paid every 30 minutes between 0.5% to 2% per day.
*   Profitable compensation plan – You also earn money 10 tier-levels deep on referral commissions (Tier #1 – 8% commission. Tier #2 — 4% commission. Tier #3 — 2% commission. Tier #4 to #10 — 1% commission). So in total you can earn up to 21% commission by referring others.
*   The site is fast, no lagging and very secure. 

*   No PayPal drama – PayPal used to be a good selling feature but recently they changed their terms of use policy which has presented major challenges for a lot of Rev-Shares including MyPayingAds, Traffic Monsoon and TripleThreat. So it is good to know that FAPS does not use PayPal; it uses Payza, PerfectMoney and 2Pay4You. 

Click Here For More Info And To Join Fort Ad Pays

URS-Header#2. Ultimate Reveue Share (Best New Program)

 Transparent owner/admin – his name is Tom Taylor. He has a genuine Facebook profile and has been an online marketer for over 12 years. 
*  The site has a unique patent pending system called PROFIT BOOSTER™ – it is designed to ensure you will never loose your money that you spend in the program. 
*  Traffic packages are available via our own wholesale traffic site to external customers which in turn adds more revenue.
*  You can purchase guaranteed signups to grow your downline and increase your earnings.
*  You can join for free and still receive the 10% referral commissions
*  There are NO transaction fees for withdrawals, however a 3% fee applies for all processors to add funds to your account. (This also adds stability to the program)
*  Stable 50% repurchase rule / 50% cash/withdrawal balance.
*  Adpack plans for every budget – Adpack plans range from $1 to $40.


*  120% – 140% maturity rate and gives returns of 3% to 12% daily. 
*  Presently you will not have to click any ads to earn from the rev-share.
 You earn 10% Commission on all media adpack purchases done by your referrals, and 2% on Level 2 referrals. 
 Minimum payout is $5. The maximum daily withdrawal is $100. Withdrawals are paid within 24 hours or sooner.
*  Various payment processors including CratePay, Payza, Perfect Money, OkPay and SolidTrustPay. Paypal is NOT accepted (this is a good thing). 
 The Ultimate RevShare program is built for long-term sustainability and stability.

Click Here, To Join Ultimate RevShare (URS)

TripleThreatHeader#3 Triple Threat Rev-Share – (The Fastest Earning)

*  One of or maybe the fastest earning rev-share program
*  $10 monthly membership, this increases the sustainability of this program and can help Triple Thr3at to become a long-term revshare. 
*  Your monthly membership includes adshares that comprise of banner, text and website credits, but as an added bonus you also get access to a Facebook group auto poster, a library of online marketing learning resources and the possibility of purchasing solo ads that you can earn from.
*  You can earn monthly residual income. If you refer other people, you earn 50% or $5 when they pay their monthly subscription.
*  There is 70/30 Cash/Repurchase rule!
*  No PayPal drama – Triple Threat use the these payment processors Payza, STP, and Bitcoin. They no longer accept Payal due to prior challenges the program and members experienced as a result of a change in PayPal terms of service policy. 
*  They offer 5 levels of adpacks, as a result there are adpacks available for all budgets, such as $3 shares which expire at 120%, $7 shares which expire at 125%, $15 shares which expire at 130%, $30 shares which expire at 140% and $50 shares which expire at 150%
*  Adpacks mature quickly in a few days for fast returns. See table below: 


*  You can cash out a minimum & maximum of $10 & $100 per day (Monday to Friday). Withdrawal requests are usually completed within 24 hours
*  Surf between 10 to 20 websites(dependent upon tier) per day. (What I do not like is that the server time resets at 12am, so you must view your ads around 12 am daily if you want to obtain maximum returns in the shortest time.)
*  Reliable, focused and caring owners: Ray Scott and Troy Fobbs from the USA, both very active in the official Facebook group.

Click Here To Join Triple Threat


#4 Traffic Monsoon Rev-Share – (Most Popular)

*  Free membership – You may sign up for free and earn visitor traffic credits simply by viewing other members ads called "cashlinks". Free members also earn commissions by referring others.
*  There is only one price for adpacks. Adpacks cost $50 per pack. They are a bit costly if you are starting on a low budget. 
*  You will earn about 110% return per pack which is a total of $55 at maturity
*  Adpacks mature in about 55 days which equates to a 1% – 1.5% daily return.
*  RevShare payments are dispersed every hour to active paid members
*  Really good converting traffic, your adpack includes 20 clicks to your banner and 1000 visitors.
*  You have to click 10 ads per day to earn from the rev-share.
*  You get 10% commissions on purchases made by people you refer/sponsor. 
*  Legit company – it launched in late 2014 around October, registered as a limited liability company (LLC) in Utah, USA. 
*  Reputable and honest admin – Charles Scoville is the owner of Traffic monsoon LLC.
*  NO Repurchase Rule, all of your earnings go to your cash out balance
*  You can withdraw a minimum of $10 daily, there is no maximum on the amount that you can withdraw. 
*  Withdrawals are basically instant
*  The largest rev-share program available; it has over 2 million members 
*  Very stable company – they have already been consistent in paying members. They also have over 20 million in reserved funds
*  Future growth – Traffic Monsoon admin is moving toward creating their own bank to make it even easier for members to get paid and to avoid the PayPal drama. Additionally the opening of this bank will open doors for persons to join from around the world who may not have payment processors such as PayPal available to them.funds
*  Presently you will only be allowed to add funds to this program, the earnings have slowed and withdrawals are limited. This is due to PayPal changing policies and also PayPal has taken hold of Traffic Monsoon funds possibly for 180 days. However the battle with PayPal continues. TrafficMonsoon in my view is still a very legitimate, viable, strong and stable rev-share, and it will become even stronger once their bank has been opened and the funds are released from PayPal. Don't count out Traffic Monsoon yet šŸ˜‰ 

Click Here For More Info And My Strategy To Ensure Your Success With Traffic Monsoon.

my traffic revenue#5 My Traffic Revenue- (earnings of up to 145%)

* MTR is going viral Best 100% passive income.

* first time in revenue share market a site with outsite source of income,

*  Launched on 5 december 2015.

* Don't waste the chance to earn bigger than others.

* 12% Commissions from purchasing

* 30% Repurchase rule

No Memberships

* Min withdraw 5$

* Supports: Payza – PM – BTC – STP- PAYEER- OKPAY

Ad packs  below:

my traffic revenue ad pack

Click Here  To My Traffic Revenue

Final Thoughts

I can not give any income guarantee that you will earn money from any of the sites I mentioned above; I am only sharing MY experience with these rev-share websites. You could spend hours, days or even weeks trying to find the best legitimate rev-share programs that are actually worth your time, money and effort. My list has narrowed that search for you. But keep in mind that rev-shares may change over time, as a result I update this blog at least once per month if there are any changes you need to be aware of; so please bookmark this page and check back often.

You shouldn’t treat revenue sharing websites like investment opportunities, you should not spend all your lifetime savings on them because there is some degree of risk involved. But just because a system has risks doesn’t mean it’s a scam or a Ponzi scheme. Traffic rev-share programs sell a real product which is TRAFFIC. So you must first look at them as a means to increase traffic to your online business. The additional income potential is meant to be viewed as a side benefit of participating in the program. This “side benefit” can be compared to the stock market whereby persons take their earnings and grow them over time, hoping the system doesn’t crash before they can cash out. So if you “reinvest” your “dividend” you increase your “shares” and earn more in the long run.

Just some closing tips I want to leave you with: (i) Do your own due diligence, read the FAQ's section of the rev-share site, check for a contact address, send them an email to see if or how long they take to respond. (ii) Check to see if the rev-share program has an active Facebook group, and make sure join the group to be aware of updates or issues other members maybe facing. (iii) Verify your payment processor information because if you don't there maybe a possibility of you not getting paid. (iv) Never spend more than you can afford to lose. (v) set aside at least 10 minutes per day to log into your account to see what is going on and to click on the mandatory ads. (V) Do not join and be active in more than 5 rev-shares at any given time, you do not want to spread yourself too thin and water-down your results; find 1 to 4 programs and stay focused on them. 

If this post has been helpful to you in any way please like and share it with others. If you have any questions or comments please submit them in the comment section below.