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The Ads Team Review: Is TheAdsTeam scam or legit?

TheAdsTeam (#TAT) is an Online Advertising Revenue Sharing StartUp from UK which was officially launched on 15th of October 2016. It has a decent pay plan which shares revenue up to 120%. I did a bit of a background search about the owners and their vision. They want to create a billion dollar company with an advertising revshare business model, affiliate marketing and network marketing combined together . TheAdsTeam is getting a very good support from our make money online community too.  

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Executive Summary

  • 3 different AdPack Plans from 10$, $25 to $50.
  • Revenue Sharing Up To 120%
  • Up to 2.5% Daily Earning Rate
  • Attractive Sales Commissions in 5 Levels. (8%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 1%.)
  • View 10 Ads Daily To Claim Revenue Sharing.
  • Revenue Shares in every 60 minutes
  • Up to $300 Daily Withdrawal (7 Days a week)
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • No Membership Fees

Official Facebook Group:

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Who’s behind TheAdsTeam?

Muhammad Azam | Co-Founder, TheAdsTeamTheAdsTeam-Admin

  • Experienced in Banking & IT with a Masters Degree in Computer Networking. 
  • Became an Entrepreneur in 2013 and had the privilege to work with top leaders in  the online and offline network marketing industry.
  • Helped organisations to grow from zero to thousands of distributors and reach millions of $$$ in revenue as a network marketing professional.

Najam Ul-Hassan | Co-Founder, TheAdsTeamTheAdsTeam-

  • Najam Ul-Hassan is Head of Marketing, Retail Affiliate Program and Digital Academy of TheAdsTEAM.
  • Experienced Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Professional who’s on a mission to make TheAdsTEAM a billion dollar company and to create multiple success stories.

Pros and Cons of TheAdsTeam

TheAdsTeam is creating good vibes in our Make Money Online Community from the pre-launch itself. However this is what I think about this venture…


  • AdPack Plans are starting from $10. That may discourage small-timers who are getting in to RevShares with a small buy-in.
  • Owners are not Professional RevShare Players. So initially they have to go through a small learning curve. There’s a bit of a chance to see some hiccups during the initial stages of this program.


  • Simple but solid AdPack structure with no crazy promises.
    $50 AdPack which shares revenue up to 120% is pretty good for stable project which can last for few years.
  • Strong Affiliate Partnerships with well known brands. This is a cleverly planned thing. Kudos to the owners.


  • Since the owners of TheAdsTeam are coming from a strong Network Marketing background, I expect some new leaders and fresh capital to flow in to the Advertising RevShare Industry with this venture. It’s a really good thing! And there will be lot of offline promotions and live events too.
  • Every Day is a Pay Day. We can receive payouts 7 days a Week! 😉
  • Sales Commissions paid for 5 Levels deep. We can earn 8% from our Direct Referrals and 2%, 1%, 1% and 1% till the 5th Level.
  • Career Plan with attractive rewards such as iPhones, iPads, MackBooks and Holiday Packages.

Some More Tips :

  • Add Funds with Bitcoins. It’ll save you a lot of money.  😉
  • Go for $50 Packs with your first Buy in. Then buy $10, $25 Packs with your daily earnings.
  • Try to be a Gold Member (200 AdPacks and 20 Direct Referrals) as soon as possible to get qualified for earnings from Leadership Pool.

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Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

TheAdsTeam Calculator ​: 

I’ve created my own version of TheAdsTeam Calculator. You can make $9,000 a month once you MaxOut the program. You can max it out by having 1800, $50 AdPacks even without a single referral.

However you’ll need to have AdPacks worth of $92,000 if you choose to buy $10 and $25 packs as well. So I’ll stick to $50 Packs which provides 120% Return!

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✔✔Received 5th payment 

👉 Running 133 Days
👉 Total members 56472 + 
👉 Alexa Rank 13010 
👉 Add pack cost $10, $25, $50
👉 Maturity: 110%, 115%, 120%
👉 Daily Earnings up to 2.5% 
👉 13% referel commission (8%,2%,1%,1%1%)
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Revenue Share upto 120% AdPack Details:
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