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My Paying Ads Shares

When you have funded your account or accumulates re-purchase or cash funds within the system, you’re ready to buy shares.

Shares are what accumulates to more money. It’s kind of like an investment with interest.

For instance, in level 1, you pay 1$ for 1 share, and it will give you a total of 1.20$ when it matures, which means that you will gain another share + another 20%.

After the share has matured, it goes inactive and you will not earn more on that specific share.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

The more active shares you have, the more you will earn. As far as we’ve calculated 15 shares will give you Cash $0.0048 and Re-purchase of $0.0113 per half hour cycle, which means it will take a while for a share to mature.

You can see how much each purchase of shares have accumulated and if they are still active at

As you see in our example, the total earning comes out when it all matures, to $18 which is more than the initial deposit, so each share you have will bring you faster gain of money as well as include the end profit one day.