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Present Top 3 Revenue Shares Of January 2016

If I was joining programs without looking any other factors, I wouldn’t have been updating this article every week. This short review or the article is for helping people to choose the programs where investing money is involved. The first and last thing I would say as an experienced player in the revenue sharing field is not to follow the masses, everytime. Many are as clueless as you are when you were a newbie. So read me and suggest where all I may need to change too!



It was actually a revolution. The starting and spreading of Traffic Monsoon happened around October 2014, almost a year ago. A company was formed by an experienced marketer with just 110% ROI which no one else would have thought about. But you know what, that was damn stable and the website almost exploded with the member growth.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Traffic Monsoon is sharing a fixed 2% per day and is doing the same for the last 400 days. Someone who has started with $100 a year back, would have made around $2000 including the profits from the repurchases he made. It is having active promotions and is contacting webinars then and now. It had a 1-year anniversary meeting the previous month and it was successful as well. If you are an online earner, you dare to miss this website. No fear of getting scammed. That’s the best guarantee we can get on our money.


2.  Fort Ad Pays

Revenue Share means to share a percentage of the company earnings between all the customers that have bought our revenue share packs, also called shares, and met the requirement of surfing 4 ADs per day or buy a surf free plan. In the case of the pack of $1, the company shares equitably the 75% of all packs sold between all the customers that have bought that packs and are qualified.

Revenue Share every 30 minutes. Each 30 minutes, Fort Ad Pays shares a huge percentage of its globlal earnings to all its members that own shares and are qualified.


3. TrafficNCash

The reason for the hopeful success of this program is the admin itself. He is an owner of an old revenue share called Click Ad Pays (CAPS) which was the most successful program of 2014. The guy is back to give his best in 2015. We would be stupids not to join this program that can be an another My Paying Ads. I kept on saying everyone to join TNC right when they started and after 2 successive month of TNC, I would feel sad about those who didn’t purchased the ad packs from them!

Another advantage is their plan. The ad pack cost is $25 which is good for stability. His older website had $5 shares and he has learned his lessons. TrafficNcash will be having quite a good life. That’s why this remains on our top 5 website list.

It launched on October 10 and I invested $550 into it. It’s returning 4% every day which is sustainable and compensating enough. Many who were unaware of the advantage of $25 shares has recently jumped in and the program looks good in the initial stage. I would suggest you to focus on this project instead of projects that are run by unknown admins and have destructing plans. Earn heavy!