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Pre-launch MyPayingAds

Welcome back all our MPA members to our new Pre-Launch site. The doors have been opened for you to enter and take you seat for the Re – Launch on 17th March 2016.

News: 15-03-2016 Update News from MyPayingAds Admin Uday Nara His facebook id:

Dear MPA Members,

We are extremely excited to pre-launch MyPayingAds after about 2.5 months of pause to the business due to the disruption happened through Paypal stopping support and freezing the funds. We will be officially re-launching the program after exactly 48 hrs from now.

We used the pause to carefully study the financial situation of the program and also to study the trends of the industry at large. Our only intention is to serve the community for long term. We want to help all businesses to get the needed traffic, leads, sales and customers and also want to help the online earning seekers to earn some extra income to supplement their regular income stream. Hence, we are continuing the business with the EXTRA built up energy and resources.

Here we are pre-launching the MPA again. You can login, look around the back office, visit the Details page to see the pay plan and use the promotional materials to share the details with others.

Please note the below items at this junction:

  1. We are still adding the seed money balance for Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin users. So, don’t get panic if you don’t see your balance yet. 
  2. The payment processors available at the launch time will be: Payza, STP, PM, Bitcoin and 2Pay4you. Members who like to make purchases with credit/debit cards can use 2Pay4you. Few of the other companies have been using it and found to be good. 
  3. No-purchases will be available during pre-launch. 
  4. Keep a view on the News page where we will post our announcements.
  5. Many sections are still under construction and hence if you see anything not very clear, please be patient until we fully construct the whole site.
  6. We will soon bring many training videos explaining each and every part of MPA program so that you will know everything very clear. 
  7. As mentioned we want to serve the community for very long term and let us re-begin the journey.
  8. We shall be having some exciting contests coming and please stay tuned.

We shall also be celebrating one-year anniversary on 30th Mar 2016! Yes, we will be one-year-old by then!!!

Her we go. MPA Legacy continues. Congratulations and Good luck to everyone.

Admin, MPA

New MyPayingAds Looking 


New MyPayingAds Ad Pay paln 

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MyPayingAds is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as an additional and limited earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing.

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