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My Paying Ads Review and Strategy

My Paying Ads is one of the most successful advertising revshare business today. This is a booming industry where a lot of internet marketers or even plain ordinary people found an easier way to make REAL money from the internet.


My review on this program My Paying Ads will also show you details why it is currently gaining traction and extra popularity in the internet when compared to other mushrooming ad revshare programs.  Ad revshare programs if handled properly are indeed way much better for people to make money and not lose money in trying to earn income from the internet.

One of the main reason why it is so attractive is that people can earn real money without the requirement to recruit people. Now, this is a rare quality of an income opportunity especially online opportunities. Most if not all, online business opportunities will offer attractive compensation plan but it will require you to either sell or recruit. Which is of course a struggle for most people.  With ad rev share programs you have the option to earn money (REAL CASH)  just by clicking 10 ads a day. When you purchase an ad rev share package you become automatically eligible to earn from all the sales inside the site shared every hour.

This is also explosive as you also have the option to just withdraw the amount to cash out your earnings or you can compound your earnings by repurchasing more ad rev share packages. The more ad rev share packages you own the more earnings you  will have.

This is a powerful concept but a lot of companies offering  the same services closed operation in less than 6 months. You have to separate the grain from the chaff. MyPayingAds is one program that is better managed, with a professional admin/owner that is transparent. Just like you, I am trying to EARN money from the internet, not to LOSE money.

The owner and admin of MyPayingAds is Uday Nara from Singapore. In his interactions with members inside Facebook support group he is showing facts about his system even relaying updates that you can very well sense that it is coming from an admin with an intent to position the program for the long haul.

Aside from the ad revshare packages there are other ad packages which an advertiser can buy that does not offer revenue shares. Some of them are banner ads, log in ads, paid to click links. The sales from these purchases are also distributed to all members with revenue shares packages.

It is not a requirement but in case that you want to recruit people to join with you in MyPayingAds it has a very generous 10% referral commission. This is a recurring commission from all purchases of the person you referred.

Your earnings has no repurchase rule which means that 100% of your earnings can be withdrawn as cash earnings.



On MyPayingAds you have to buy Adpacks to earn, also you have to view 10 Surf Ads to receive Revenue Share. Every day you will earn 1% to 2.50% and earnings will be send to Cash Balance.

DISCLAIMER: The purchase of Ad Credit Packs are Non-Refundable as per MPA Terms and Conditions. You are making a purchase of ad credits for use in the Business Directory Listing.


Don’t think about No Refund policy. If you invest $100 you will get $120 in return. $20 will be your extra income.




First things first, figure out just how much you’ll need to earn daily or even monthly to make this worth your while. Keep that figure in mind.


Now, buy as many ad packs as you can. (DO NOT spend your bill or grocery money!) Every Ad Pack you purchase entitles you to a portion of the revenue earned, in other words,the MORE Ad Packs or Shares you have – the MORE cash you can earn daily



In the first 3 to 4 weeks, repurchase 100%; total earnings from your cash balances. This will give your account a boost in earnings, especially if you’re in the position to repurchase daily.

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After 3 to 4 weeks – You can start to withdraw your “seed money” gradually, about 10% of your daily earnings until you have withdrawn all of the initial money you used to deposit.



Remember that initial target figure? At this point you should repurchase 100% until you can safely withdraw that amount daily, while maintaining your active Ad Packs.



Purchase 1st Ad Pack(s)… 100% repurchase up to 3-4 weeks… then withdraw seed money gradually… 90% repurchase… 10% withdraw daily target income… repeat!

During all of this you would have amassed quite a bit of advertising credits. What should you do with it? We’ll get to that in the advanced My Paying Ads Strategy. Pretty simple!


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