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My Paying Ads 2.0 Review – How New Changes Affect You

My Paying Ads Review 2.0

My Paying Ads has undergone some major changes over the last few months; and I’m not referring only to website design. Being a member since June 13, 2015, I have seen quite a bit, but at the end of the day everything seems to play out to make the company better than ever.


In this new My Paying Ads Review, let’s take a look at the totally revamped My Paying Ads and how it benefits you as an advertiser, while providing a decent extra income.

What is My Paying Ads?

My Paying Ads (MPA) is a traffic exchange platform, with a twist! It was created and originally launched on March 30, 2015 by its owner, Uday Nara.

From day one, My Paying Ads’ main objective was, and still is, to provide quality, targeted traffic to advertisers’ offers and websites, within a relatively short period of time, while providing a reliable income opportunity, as a reward, through the use of Advertising Packages (Ad Packs), which are more like a sample advertising package consisting of banner ads and traffic exchange credits. These Ad Packs range from $5 to $50 with the ability to earn up to 120% their value… More details on this later.

The new revenue sharing rewards system is well thought out, with the main focus on advertising; using the collective experience and suggestions gathered over the last 12 months.

I must admit, the new system takes a little getting used to, but it is even more interactive and simple than ever before…

There is a whole lot to cover, so be prepared to take notes…

How Much Can I Make With My Paying Ads?

Let’s face the facts, I’ve not met one person since joining My Paying Ads, who joined any revenue sharing advertising company primarily for advertising. Keeping that in mind. lets get the money talk out of the way, early in this My Paying Ads review.

The answer to the “real question” remains the same, even after 13 months… Yes they pay, and quick too! In fact, even though on the site it is stated that all withdrawals are processed within 48 hours, most members have received their requested payout from as little as a few minutes to a few hours.

Before I continue however, I must make this clear, My Paying Ads is NOT and investment company… It is an advertising company, which rewards its members by sharing a portion of the revenue generated from the sales of the various advertising services.

So if money is the ONLY reason for joining MPA, you might be better off seeking a legitimate investment company. All the best in finding one.

Now back to the topic… As stated before, while My Paying Ads has several advertising services; Login Ads, Withdrawal Ads, Paid To Click Ads, Text Ads, Pay Per Click Ads, and , Banner Ads, in oder to receive the optional revenue sharing you have to purchase Ad Packs. Now these are more like sample packs and come with 2 banner ads and 100 surf credits for each $5 value. These ad packs are divided into 4 plans as shown below.


As a member or advertiser, you are free to purchase from any plan you wish, based on your advertising budget. The lower plans are designed for people with lower budgets, but you can also use them to set “milestones” or mini accomplishments, if you’re into that sort of thing.

All Ad Packs earn at the same rate, based on the sales of advertising at the company, so no need to freak out or worry about making strategic purchases of certain plans in order to maximize your earning potential.

Talking about maxing out, withdrawals of earnings are limited from a minimum of $5 to maximum of $200 per day, which equates to roughly $6000 per month. All withdrawals are processed within 48 hours and can be requested on any day of the week.



Are there any catches?
Ok, there is still a bit of a catch to the program, and don’t worry I am not talking about any membership fee or that kind of craziness. In order to earn money at My Paying Ads, you have to do something…

You must surf 10 Ads within a 24 hours period. Thanks to the “surf anytime” timer, you can surf at the time most convenient to you. Each time you surf your 10 ads you reset the timer 24 hours from that time.


This may take you a few minutes per day, but it’s worth the effort!

In the new system, you also earn traffic exchange credits each time you surf, in the ratio of 2:1. This means for each 2 websites you look at, you receive 1 credit, which you can then use to drive traffic to your affiliate offer or website.

Work once, get paid twice! Not a bad deal if I may say so myself. You can also earn money from referring other people, preferably other internet marketers, to the site, but this is completely optional. If you do, you’ll receive 10% commission on each of their purchases. Let’s just say that commissions can add up quite a bit over time!

I love My Paying Ads, it has changed both my online business and my life in more ways than you could imagine. So while most people are happy only with their Ad Pack earnings, I get fired up just thinking about MPA and I am happy to share this amazing company with the world. I will do all in my power to help this company become established as a premier advertising solution and devote my time, energy and marketing skills towards building this company in my capacity as a member and affiliate. It is a win-win situation after all, the more the company grows, so does my earnings!

My Paying Ads Review – The Products
The new My Paying Ads, is driven by a powerful advertising system called a traffic exchange (T.E.). In this system, members can list a website or affiliate offers and receive a certain number of views based on surf credits. These credits can be obtained through purchase or accumulated through surfing other websites in the “Surf Ads” section. MPA uses a 2:1 ratio, which means you earn 1 credit for each two websites you view in the Traffic Exchange. As you can see, I make good use of my adverting credits.

Apart from the Traffic Exchange, MPA also offers some other inexpensive Advertising Packages; Login Ads, Withdrawal Ads, Paid To Click Ads, Text Ads, Pay Per Click Ads, and , Banner Ads.

However, as with any form of advertising it is necessary to grab the viewers attention within a few seconds and arouse their curiosity to get them to take action. In other words, unless you own a specific product and just want hits…


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My Experience With My Paying Ads
After 10 months as a member of My Paying Ads, I am still excited and grateful as ever to have been introduced to this opportunity.

The relaunch of the new My Paying Ads traffic exchange system on April 17, saw the birth of something even more extraordinary than before.