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How to register, AddFound and buy share in Fort Ad Pays ?

Register: An alternative method of creating the account, you must first register on the site, your browser history Clean.

 –>>Click here<<– to access the site or Click on the link to access the site.  Coming from the site's home page, click Register-. See the images below …… and with the correct information to create your account.


Simply fill in the following information to properly house, remember "Sponsor this house 88998 – mkhdream will see." See the images below ….


again See the images below ……


Now you'll have to verify your account. Please check your e-mail account to verify. You will be given an email to fortadpays. Activation  of your account, including a link to your e-mail account will be provided. Click on this link your account to Active. See the images below …… 


After Active your account, please login. Go to the Edit Profile- kampilita your Profile and "UPDATE" click. See the images below ……




Add Found:  follow the steps below. 

1. Click to FINANZAS Añadir fondos. See the images below ……


2. Add amount below that you want to specify how much the dollar Fortadpays.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

3. Add in the dollar Fortadpays any processor you want to select it from the Select payment processor. And click on Preview. See the images below ………………..


Now click on the Pay Now and then go straight automatic "Add to that the dollar payment processor wants to." And the payment processor will be the e-mail password. Continue to the next page. And the last page in the "payment processor" Pin code. Then click on Submit. After clicking on Submit your Fortadpays account to return to the wait. Add your Fortadpays dollar was at -Account.

Buy Share: 

The price per share is $1.

1. Click to FINANZAS Comprar Shares. See the images below ………………..


2. How many shares you buy now "Purchase Shares:" refers to the house "PREVIEW" Click. Whether you can immediately share.

There are many active share your view "RESUMEN" Take downwards by clicking on the page.

See the images below to log out ……


** If you want to work at the site by clicking here or by clicking on the banner "Register" can do.

If you have any questions, you ask downwards comment box. The best website to earn money online !!