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FortAdPays Advertising Pays

FortAdPays paid advertising, today we will talk about FortAdPays, a portal that follows the footsteps of other great in selling advertising in which we can make money watching ads or buying different advertising packages which will mature over time.

FortAdPays belongs to Fort Marketing Group, a holding company with different companies located throughout the United States, Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama, also have a physical office in Barcelona.

The creator of this project is Peter Fort, a former director of the Banking (La Caixa), Catalan town of Hospitalet del Infant (Tarragona), a graduate in economics and business who has completed a Master in Business Administration, as you can see it’s a pretty prepared person and a specialist in the MLM projects also attributed other businesses of the same nature in which we have seen investigate after carrying paying from 2014.

FortAdPays Advertising Pays “Features”

Language: All (the translator of Google at the top)

Accepted countries: for everyone.

Referral levels: 10 levels of referrals

Number of Referrals: Unlimited

Method of payment:  Payza, Perfect Money

Payment Proof: Yes

Conditions to request payment: To apply the minimum payment is $10.

Style: PTC (Free with ads $ 0.010) and Auto surf (Minimum to invest $1)

Strategy: View >>

Packages: View >>

Domain Status: View  this image>>


Other: There are some ad packages that give you a profit over time.

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FortAdPays Advertising Pays “Others”

FortAdPays Advertising Pays, as mentioned above is a page to earn money from PTC style (see ads), which also have the opportunity to buy some advertising packages that generate a profit with us over time:


We can make money on the PTC style is very simple like any other PTC must go to View Ads >> Make Money where we will find many ads of $ 0.010 or $ 0.005 each.
Advertising Packages

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

When we buy packages of advertising, we buy a product that besides getting the publicity we want, we will generate a profit over time.

For the package purchased matures every day we have to see only 4 ads ads ads >> View ads if we see our package, not mature.

We have different packages FortAdPays (These packages Advertisement Shared vary according to demand, at the end of the post I put those assets at a time) can be from $ 1 up to $ 500 each has a different maturity, ie when we buy a package we have to wait a period of time that we generate profits.

The daily commissions that give us for each package ranges between 0.40% and 0.70% per day, but beware, not all packets are equal, some mature before others, for that we go to Finance >> Buy Shares, where we find the different packages and features.

For instance:

  •  Package 1 $ yields a 300% gain that is $ 3 but $ 1.5 three dollars will buy back our balance and another $ 1.5 will balance our balance sheet, we can draw. The estimated time of maturation is not known but it would be 0.04% to 0.07% per day. (Not available)
  • Package $ 500 yields a 20% gain that is $ 600 but in this case we are assured that maturity is about 60 days. (Not available)

As you can see each package is different so it is advisable to understand that we have to buy, some give more profitable than others and others give higher returns but take longer to mature, it’s easy to look at the image below.

IMPORTANT: They are not always available the same packages as the company changes and removes the different promotional packages based on demand.

Here it is an example of packages: “FortAdPays Advertising Pays”

Package Currently Available


Currently We have a package that gives us a return of 220% with a balance 50/50 ie 50% to 50% removal and re-buy when mature.

Packages currently not available




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FortAdPays Advertising Pays

If you have any questions, comments at the bottom of the web, as you read the answer.

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