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Fort Ad Pays Review – One of The Best Revshares of 2016

Fort Ad Pays (on short FAP) is a Spanish advertising / revenue sharing platform, started on 11th November, 2014 by Pedro Fort, a businessman who owns several companies.

Because it was initially focused on the Spanish market, Fort Ad Pays was until recently almost nonexistent internationally.
In 2016, Fort Ad Pays started to extend its boundaries and to become more and more popular amongst the revenue sharing sites. Currently, I can even say that Fort Ad Pays is a strong competitor for Traffic Monsoon  and My Paying Ads.

Currently, Fort Ad Pays it’s growing at a very fast pace and according to Alexa, it’s ranking on the 519 position in Spain and 7,230 and increasing, globally (stats from  February 22, 2016).

The website is in Spanish and this might scare some people at first, but if you click on England’s flag from the header (the second one), the site will be translated in English.

If you are a member of My Paying Ads, you should be already familiar with the functions of the website, because Fort Ad Pays uses the same script as My Paying Ads.

The Pay Plan And The Shares Price in Fort Ad Pays

Fort Ad Pays has one of the simplest pay plans and in the same time, one of the most attractive.

There is a single level for the adpack plans. Every share costs only $1 and expires once it reaches $2.2 (this is an astonishing 220%).

$1.1 (110%) goes to your cash balance and the other $1.1 (the other half of 110%) goes to your re-purchase balance.

This means that if you spend $1000 (with 0 compounding), after all your shares expire, you will have 1100$ into your cash balance (money that you can withdraw), and $1100 into your re-purchase balance (money you can use to purchase more shares and keep earning money from Fort Ad Pays). This is mind blowing!

I don’t know exactly the maturation time of the shares since none of them expired yet.

The daily earning cap is between 0.5% and 2%, depending on the sales. This is not very fast, but Fort Ad Pays is intended to be a long-term revshare, not something that lasts 2 months.

The revenue is shared once every 30 minutes and to be qualified, you only need to click 4 ads every 24 hours.

The Referral Program of Fort Ad Pays

Besides the pay plan, Fort Ad Pays has an amazing referral program.

You are not required to refer other people to earn when the revenue is shared, but you’d be crazy not to do it if you know how to advertise and how to get referrals.

You earn up to 21% in commissions and the commissions are paid on 10 levels.rc

This means if you refer a single person that knows his stuff and he refers 1000 people, you will earn a bunch of 4%, 2% and 1% commissions from his referrals.

You are also rewarded with a few special prizes and bonuses when you reach a certain amount of referrals and earnings.

I tell you from my experience. It is much easier to get referrals in these programs where the share price is lower, than in programs like Traffic Monsoon, where the price per adpack is $50.

I’m promoting Fort Ad Pays for less than a month and I already have a bunch of referrals. The beautiful part is that some of them have also a few referrals and I also earn commissions from their downlines. Do you see now the power of being paid on 10 levels now?

How Do You Get Paid?

Fort Ad Pays doesn’t include PayPal as a payment processor. However, I don’t see this anymore as an impediment after the recent experiences between revshares and PayPal. In fact, this might be a big advantage.

As payment processors, you can use Payza, Perfect Money and 2pay4you. I personally use Payza.

There’s no fee for deposits and the daily amount that you can withdraw is phenomenal.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and the maximum is $800. However, you are allowed to ask for 4 withdrawals per day ($800 x 4 = $3200) and the payments are processed within 24h-72h, Monday to Friday.

Why A Lot Of People Are Joining?

People are getting tired of scams and the new “fast revshares” that are launched every day. Since Fort Ad Pays is already an established revenue sharing site and since it’s paying since 2014, this is a big plus.

Besides that, just now, FAP starts to be intensively promoted internationally. This means a fast growth and more money coming to the system.

What is the better time to join a revshare if not when it’s growing like crazy?

The pay plan is accessible for every man’s pocket due to the low price of the ad-packs and the potential earnings are astonishing.

You can use download and use the following calculator to get an idea of the potential earnings in Fort Ad Pays.

My Experience With Fort Ad Pays?

I’ve joined Fort Ad Pays back on 29 June 2015. That’s exactly after 9 days after I’ve joined My Paying Ads.

At that time I was unaware by the potential of the revenue sharing sites and I’ve decided to continue only with My Paying Ads since it was in English and had PayPal as a payment processor.

I kinda regret my decision now, because I realize how my account could’ve looked right now if I had started immediately, but since we can’t turn back time, there is nothing I can do about it.

After I saw that more big names jumped into this, I also funded my Fort Ad Pays account.

I started with $100 on January14, 2016 and at this time, I’ve spent a total of $487 and I’m still adding more money once in a while. I will be compounding for a few months (re-purchasing 100%), maybe 5-6, before I will start to make withdrawals.

By the way, Fort Ad Pays offers a great support. I’ve sent them a support ticket in the evening and I’ve received an answer in the morning. Usually, the support in most of the revshares is very poor. This is not the case with Fort Ad Pays (at least this was not the case for me).