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Fort Ad Pays Presentation

FortAdPays-Header-LogoThe Most Powerful Rev-Share Ever: "Fort Ad Pays" – You've Got To See This One !!!


Click Here To Start Earning 220% Returns With Fort Ad Pays

Top 10 Benefits of "Fort Ad Pays" Rev-Share:

1. You only have to click 4 ads a day. You can buy vacation time for around $1 per day.

2. You can cash out a maximum of $3200 per day. Most other rev-shares allow you to withdraw between $300 – $800 per day,

3. Has over 100,000 members so it is trusted and well established with lots of eyeballs on your ads.

4. It was founded from September 2014 and has reliable Admin owner Mr. Pedro Fort. It has a physical address located in Florida, U.S.A.

5. It has 50/50 Cash/Repurchase balance.

6. 100% referral commission goes to your cash balance.

7. Even though the site is in Spanish, it has translation links and it uses the same script as MPA so it's easy to use the site.

8. All shares are only $1 with a return of $2.20 (That's 220%. Most other rev-shares only give up to 150%)

9. Profitable compensation plan – You also earn money 10 tier-levels deep on referral commissions (Tier #1 – 8% commission. Tier #2 — 4% commission. Tier #3 — 2% commission. Tier #4 to #10 — 1% commission).

10. The site is fast, no lagging and very secure.

Click Here To Start Earning 220% Returns With Fort Ad Pays